Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New things we've seen lately!

There sure is a lot of fun stuff to see around here, so we wanted to share some more of the new stuff we've seen lately!

The other day Mum thought she heard a noise outside and went to investigate. At first she didn't see anything, and then she looked closer and saw a head peeking up at her from out in the pasture.

She noticed it was a doe and thought it was so cool! Then she watched a little more and saw that there was a little baby fawn with this doe, having a grand ole time exploring her new world! Sure wish we had a big ole zoom lens so we could have gotten a better photo, but if you look real close you can see the fawn right beside the doe's back legs. So cute!

We've been having a lot of off and on rain here the past few days, and lots and lots of humidity. When that happens is when we see the turtles come out. We found this one near the barn the on our way to the pasture to get in some exercise. He (or is it a she?) was a little more friendly than the other one we saw a few weeks back. Didn't make us bark at all!

Our little friend the snake is still hanging out in the flower bed next to the cabin. Every morning we see his little head peaking out of the entrance to his home. We walk by and he slithers back in so we can't see him anymore. Smart little snake, BOL!

Since it's been so humid, we are seeing tons of mushrooms around. We hear some can make a pup pretty sick, so Mum makes sure we steer clear of them, even though we've never shown an interest in one. Here's one of them we saw in red (we think he need to learn more about clearing up those spots, BOL!)...

We also have seen lots of wild garlic growing around the cabin. Gracie and I love to chomp on some grass near there, but every time we come close to the garlic Mum watches us to see if we show any interest and we never have, with the garlic or the wild onions that we see growing on the edge of the pasture. Since those things can be harmful, Mum is wondering if our natural instincts to keep away are kicking in? Probably!

Hope you're weather is a lot better than our's lately. We're hoping that it clears up and cools off just a bit this weekend, 'cause Mum is planning for us to hike some of the Cumberland Trail this weekend! More on that later...


  1. You're a blogging maniac tonight, Johann! Thanks for letting us know about all the cool stuff around your new place!

  2. Those red toadstools sure look poisonous! It's funny to read about wild garlic growing naturally there, as I've been buying plants and putting them in my front garden. (Penny doesn't go out there.)


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