Sunday, June 06, 2010

Scorpion in a Jar!

We were over at our neighbors the other day, the nice one that take hikes with us sometimes.And she wanted to show us something...

Take a look at this...It's one of the scorpions that she caught and put in a jar, OMD! It was still alive, in there with a dead bee!

Mum and I just had to show it to you. This one is smaller than the one we found in our bathroom that day we told you about. Guess it didn't get any of that testosterone booster, like the one we found, BOL!

We've heard and have noticed that the scorpions come out when it's cooler. Haven't seen once since that first one we saw. And we learned that they like ants, so when we sprinkled the Diatomaceous Earth around the house, the ants when away, so guess the scorpions didn't think our house was much fun!

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