Friday, July 09, 2010

Fun ways to do agility!

Mum and I came across a few videos of fun, alternative ways to do agility, and wanted to share 'em with you!

This one is a video from the 2008 Royal Horse show in Toronto Ontario that occurs annually in November. It's a horse/dog relay, cool! Hope they don't have any adipex side effects after that, BOL!

This one is from the IHDAA (Idaho Horse and Dog Agility Association), which we don't believe is active as a new venue, but thought it was kinda interesting, nonetheless!

And here's more SuperDogs action at the Royal Fair/Royal Horse show in Canada...check out those wacky tunnels, they look like fun!


  1. Thanks so much for posting the videos, they were very fun to watch. My favorite is the Super Dogs at the Royal Fair. I love those tunnels!

  2. Cool, I sent the combined dog/horse one to my sister and niece, who do jumping with their horses. We could team up!


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