Thursday, August 19, 2010

Calgon take me away!!!

Torture....I say! Torture!

With everything to get done before our trip to BarkWorld Expo, Mum didn't have time to hook up our sprayer to give us our baths at home. And since Gracie isn't getting as much exercise as she used to at our old house, Mum is having trouble keeping her still enough to trim up her ears and feet. So Mum took us for our first professional grooming, ever!

I know, it's weird. I'm six and Gracie is five years old, and we've never been to a professional groomer our entire lives. Mum has always groomed us. She likes to do it. And even though both of us have a little pet peeve about parts of it (me the toes and ears, Gracie the back feet), we still don't mind it too much.

But dang this professional groomer thing was really different. I think every dog should have their pawrent look into Universal Orlando tickets for a doggie getaway after a professional grooming. It can be kinda stressful!

There was so much noise from the dryer that neither one of us wanted anything to do with it. Gracie got a little freaked out in the bathtub because the groomer used a sprayer and Mum had always used a hose. I'm sure that all of our little town of 7000 thought Gracie was being tortured from a little of her famous screaming action.

But overall, we didn't think it was too bad, we've been through worse stuff. But the nice thing is we are so clean, shiny, trimmed up and smelling good!!!! Just for our publics that we're gonna meet at BarkWorld. Can't wait to live in the morning!


  1. You duss has my sympathies on the grooming. After pikshures???

  2. Of my six dogs through the years, only one has ever been to a professional groomer, and that was my Siberian Husky whose spring coat blowing got to be too much for me a couple of years. But then, we were never stars at BarkWorld Expo. I must say, though, if I could afford it, I'd do it more often--there's a mobile dog groomer who drives up in their fancy van next door and does all the cleaning and grooming right there in the van in the neighbor's driveway!


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