Wednesday, August 04, 2010

H2O4K9 - perfect for our active life!

So we've been getting in as much hiking as we can in this heat. It's been an average of 95 over several straight weeks. We're pretty used to it, and not minding it too much, but it presented a little problem. How to take water with us to keep hydrated.

So Mum got our Nalgene bottle and used my martingale leash and fashioned this wacky thing she threw over her shoulder, but it was cumbersome. So when we saw this cool product searching around the Internets last week, we got really excited!

The nice folks at H2O4K9 sent us for free their new dog water bottle and Neosling to try out and let them know what we thought. Well, we think they rock!!!!

Mum has been taking it with us on our hikes the past few days and she says the sling that holds the bottle to keep her hands free for us is really comfortable and flexible, for when we climb up and down the steep ridge.

The bottle holds 25 oz. and is stainless steel, the safest and healthiest way to store water. The lid turns into this really cool drinking cup and the best part is it's BPA free. The bottle even has a carabiner attached, so we can carry our poo bag holder too. The sling and the bottles come in some super cool colors. Mum got the pure stainless color with the purple sling to go with our training bag :)

We also took it to agility training the other night and used it!

Have to say that we totally recommend this new product, great for active pups that want to get out and about. And special thanks to H2O4K9 for sending us their great bottle and Neosling to test out, we are very glad they did! We love it!!!!


  1. That is a totally awesome product! How cool that they sent you one to try for free! You're a lucky boy, Johann! And a well-hydrated one too! LOL!

  2. Hi Johann, we have one of these water bottles and like it a lot - you've got the bottle and bowl all in one: can't beat that convenience. Plus we like the eco-factor. woofs-

  3. I'm so not a warm-weather boy; soon as it gets too hot, I'm inside the house! Mom brings a water bottle for me for class, but that's about it. Thank goodness for AC...
    Hope you've been having fun trialing!


  4. This is an awesome product Jo! thanks I can't wait to pass it on to my clients.

  5. Hi, Johann,

    I've been trawling through your old posts, looking to see how you recovered from your iliopsoas injury, and I noticed that on Oct 5 2009, your mum said the only painkiller you can tolerate is traumeel.

    I wanted to ask how your mum knows you don't tolerate other ones. Do you throw up when she gives you one that doesn't suit your stomach?

  6. Hi Penny's Mum :)

    For my injuries over time I've taken rimadyl and baby aspirin. Both of them really upset my tummy. First sign was licking my lips a lot. In talking with the vet we determined those pain killers just weren't tolerable for me. So we found Traumeel. It obviously isn't as strong, but really helps me, so we've stuck with that.

    Hope that info helps!


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