Friday, October 15, 2010


This has been all over the Internets, but still I had to share! 'Cause you know how much I love tricks!

This "White Knuckles" video from the group OK GO is just amazing. They are known for their super fun videos...we actually came across their Here it Goes Again video a couple of years ago when we were writing up our "How to Teach your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill" Squidoo lens, 'cause they do this dance on treadmills, BOL.

The first time we saw their new video we were amazed. But after learning more about the video we were even more amazed. This video was shot in one take, after 124 takes it was take number 72 that was the keeper. The dogs were trained and directed through the folks at Talented Animals in CA. You can read all about the making of the video on their blog, it's a very interesting read.

The other cool thing, but certainly not amazing to me, is most of the dogs are rescues, just like me and Gracie! So here's the video...

Just this week this video surfaced of outtakes from the making of the video. So you can really get a sense of what a challenge it all was to make the original, because they make the final video look so simple, fun, entertaining and seemless. No exit signs for these guys, they are keepers!

And one more can watch the full take, #72, here in raw form!

OK GO is donating the net proceeds of the sales of their video from their website to the ASPCA. They have specifically earmarked a fund to support rural, volunteer-run animal shelters in America, just like the Southside Animal Shelter where I came from.

You can buy the video at whichever price you like starting at $2, and you can buy it as many times as you like...the profits are going to save animals!

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