Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championships Results from this past weekend!

This past weekend were the finals of the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge at Purina Farms in Missouri.

Dogs qualifying in the Eastern and Western regionals held earlier this year, competed for top IDC dogs in agility, disc dog, 30 pole weave up and back challenge, Jack Russell Hurdle Races, and dock diving. You can see all the info and results here.

Set your DVRs to tune in to NBC on Saturday, January 15th, 2011 at 3:30pm EST to see all the action from the National Finals event. (NBC needs some thank you cards for airing the event, great exposure for dog sports! Woofs!).

Here are the Final Results:

30 Weave Up And Back
1st - Joker & Amber Abbott
2nd - Rumba & Chris Libs
3rd - Teak & Ken Fairchild

Large Dog Agility
1st - Rumba & Chris Libs
2nd - Artemis Terra & Catherine LeCours
3rd - Phoenix & Wendy Alexander

Small Dog Agility
1st - Slider & Kim Simons
2nd - Rogue & Stephen Carazo
3rd - Jacques & Hope Hillabrand

Diving Dog
1st - Jordan & Sean McCarthy
2nd - VB & Lise Ann Strum
3rd - Smoke & Melissa Ness

Freestyle Flying Disc
1st - Shack & Shunsuke Hirai
2nd - Soaring Sienna & Preston Dean
3rd - Diva & Donna Schoech

Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
1st - Huntmoor Diamond & Joy Owens
2nd - Cruise & Nanette Chernick
3rd - Maverick & Jason and Lorri Jones

This is Preston Dean and Soaring Sienna, the second place finishers in the Disc Dog competition:

And this is Shaun and Shack the first place finishers in Disc Dog:

More Disc Dog videos here. We'll keep an eye out for dock diving, hurdle races, agility videos and post if we find them.

Here's info on how to enter next year's regional events.


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  2. Hooray for all teams at the PIDC! My friend Catherine is soooooo proud of how well her Terra did in the large dog agility!


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