Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have a wish today!

If you've been reading along...you know that we are helping raise funds this Holiday season for our designated charity - A Place to Bark - as part of Johann's Howling Howliday Giveaway!

We have a wish fur today!

Throughout the year if I've made you laugh, brought a little joy to your life, if you've learned a little about being a dog, raising a happy pup, or even about agility (my favorite thing, you know :), we encourage you to donate just $1 today to our friends at A Place to Bark.

I'm a rescue. And I know that if I wasn't helped by the nice folks like A Place to Bark, that tirelessly rescue dogs from bad situations, I wouldn't be able to blog, I wouldn't have such amazing friends like you, I wouldn't be able to share my life with you, and I wouldn't have my amazing furever home.

But furget about me, the best part about making my little wish come true? It will help some pups get a warm, happy, furever home just like we have, put some food in the belly's of homeless dogs, get them much needed medical care, and it will make you feel good to help others.

That's all we're asking! Just $1. We gave, we hope you will too!

EDIT: Hey folks, I just found out thanks to Khyra, that Network for Good is now only accepting a minimum of a $10 contribution...so here's an alternative. You can click here and go directly to A Place to Bark's paypal page and donate any amount you would like! Or you can go to A Place to Bark How You Can Help Page and click their PayPal button. Thank you Khyra :)


  1. Of course I will help. $1 isn't very much for me but it goes a long way to help dogs just like you and my Shiva. Thank you for supporting such a wonderful organization!

  2. We tried but it told us we had to donate a minimum of $10 -

    We don't have that right now with all the other khauses we try to help



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