Friday, January 21, 2011

Barn kittie is back for a visit!

This is the neighbor's barn kittie! Cute isn't she :) I don't think she has a name...

She's back hanging out on our porch for the past 15 hours or so. The last time we saw her was during our snowstorm a couple of weeks ago, she spent four days on our porch. We think she may be a weather kittie...since it snowed a little last night (just a dusting).

We really don't think kitties should live outside all the time, it's just not safe. But we do have to say that this is one savvy kittie! She knows very quickly what the dangers are and moves to keep herself safe. Our neighbor says that she puts food out for her on colder days when she can't mouse. She doesn't look like she's lacking for food, she's just a tad puggy :)

Gracie saw her through the window walking around the cabin yesterday, major chaos erupted! I was barking, Gracie and I were running around the cabin like maniacs, Wolfie and Wiggy jumped higher than home theater seats to get to high ground.

Just then, as Mum watched, Gracie took a running leap and landed on top of the kitchen table to try and see the kittie through the side window. Mum just stood there laughing her fool head off! Whatta ya gonna do? It was quite a sight. Me? I was barking it up, telling Gracie she wasn't supposed to be on top of the kitchen table!

Oh I can't may remember my little episode a couple of years ago when I landed myself in troubles on top of the kitchen counter. Oops!

Ahhhh....the disadvantages of having agility dogs, BOL!


  1. Very cute kitty! My mom would flip out if I managed to jump on the kitchen table or counter - I am not half the agility dog that you and Gracie are - LOL!

  2. that kitty is adorable...and you?? How in the world did you ever get up there???


Thanks for barking in!

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