Monday, January 10, 2011

More snow!

Gracie, Mum and I woke up to over 5 inches of snow this morning. Wow! What a beautiful sight from the back porch of our cabin!

It kept snowing most of the day and we ended up with about 7 inches of the white stuff. We here they haven't had this much snow here since the mid '90's.

Mum took us for a couple of walks today, short ones since the snow is up to my belly now. It was so quiet up on our mountain today, no car sounds from the mountain road, just pure peace and quiet. Very nice!

Wait, did I hear something? Gracie?

After our walks Mum got us inside and spent 20 minutes helping us get the ice balls off of us. I had 'em all over my belly, chest and legs. In all the snow I've seen in my life, this was the worst case of ice balls I've ever had! Gracie too, on on her butt and legs, BOL! They looked like big casters all over us!

Doesn't look like the snow is going to melt for several days, so we may get some more pics fur ya!


  1. That is so fun! Look at all that snow! Mom is tired of it here though and we're supposed to get 3- 5 inches tomorrow (coming up from you guys)!

  2. That's a lot of snow, Johann! I think all that white stuff would scare me (I'm a weather wimp, I can barely handle the rain).

    Woofs and wags,
    Bella the Boxer

  3. What fun! Except for the ice balls.

    I've been hearing about you folks out thataway getting snowed on something spectacular.

  4. Hi Johann,

    Glad to see you having fun in the snow! That sure is a lot of snow too. Happy New Year too!



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