Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three Dog Bakery rawks!


You may remember that the nice folks at Three Dog Bakery contributed a big prize as part of my annual Howling Howliday Giveaway - the Life With Dogs Gift Boxer that includes Treats, Goodies, Gourmet Entree, an Aussie Pet Jute Toy & the book, Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale! Dog, the pup that one that prize is one lucky dog!

The nice folks at Three Dog Bakery were kind enough to send me some Christmas presents too!!! Some Miniature Snickerdoodles, Cranberry Cookies, and some Begg-Nog Squares, oh my. (Click on the photo to bigfy and see how yummy they look.)

I have to say that they were some pawsome, tasty treats. Heck, Mum even tasted some of them, BOL!!! And not only are they yummy, they are good for you too.

We got word that they have even more pawsome treats just for Valentine's Day. So head on over and check them out, yummmmmmmyyyy!!!!

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  1. Great treats! We miss three dog bakery. They used to have a shop right up the block from our office and they closed a year or so ago.


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