Monday, January 24, 2011

Zoom, zoom!

Just a few more pics from the Holidays!

Zoom! Zoom!

Now we're really getting going! Whee!!!

I think zooming is the best way for losing abdominal fat. My kittie bros don't zoom and they have this little hanging down pouch from their tummies! Not me!

Oh, by the way....update on how I've been feeling. A few days after the my last trial where I wasn't so up to par, I wasn't my usual self. But then, after those few days were over, Mum noticed I was getting back to my wacky self again. DOG, was she glad to see that!

Mum's been working very, very long distance recalls with me in the pasture everyday so I can get my zoom on and hopefully keep my back looser. And she's been massaging me a lot. Can't wait to see how I run in the next trial coming up in a couple of weeks! Mum's hoping for the best. And we're also hoping that they have another one of those B-Matches so we can see what the Grace-ster will do again!

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  1. Yay for zooming! I am glad you have a place where you can do this so often. And I am very glad you are feeling better. Good luck at the upcoming match!


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