Thursday, February 10, 2011

Putting my toys away!

You may remember that I had a difficult time learning fetch inside the house. But once I learned, there was no stopping me!

Now I can put all my toys away, and Mum is so happy that she doesn't have to do it anymore, BOL! Here's a quick vid Mum got on our new little camera, instead of the blackberry phone, just a little better quality.

We're still working on teaching Gracie to fetch inside. She's never been a big fetcher, but we think she is catching on pretty quickly.


  1. Love it Johann! Mom keeps trying to teach me this trick too - maybe if I watch you doing it again, I'll get the hang of it! I think it's really cute how you climb half-way into the basket each time you drop a toy in! :)

  2. Nicely done! Watch out, though--boost now puts her toys into any conveninent container (e.g., wastebasket) trying to get my attention.

  3. Such a cute video. What a tidy dog! (Penny can do this trick also, and I love it.)


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