Monday, March 14, 2011

Great agility practice yesterday!

I am YoYo hear me roar!!!!

Lucky us, we got to go to an agility match yesterday just south of Chattanooga! And I had a howling good time!

We got up early, especially with the time change, and drove an hour south to just over the Georgia line and arrived at about 9:30. The folks at Chattapaws had a ring set up outside under cover with a USDAA course and NADAC equipment.

I hadn't ever seen NADAC equipment before, neither has Gracie, but after Mum showing us the dogwalk with no slats, I was just fine. Even got a couple of hoops with no training at all, ran right through them.

Mum's goal for me today was to make sure I was still running my DW fine, that I didn't run around any jumps like I have been in trials lately and that I was pretty speedy in my weaves and overall. I ran around one jump in my first run, but didn't even think about it after that, even with some distance with Mum. My dogwalk looked pretty good, although Mum thinks I could run more full out on the flat plank, and my weaves at 24" looked real good Mum thought. Overall my speed was pretty good.

So here's my second first run was a little rough and we didn't get any video since we were the only ones there at that point. Mum was happy with my run! Ready for the AKC trial (and maybe a USDAA trial, too) in April!

Gracie ran too, we each got to run twice yesterday. Mum's goals for Gracie yesterday were to get her back quickly if she ran off; work a bit on her contacts DW and Frame - but more importantly keep her going fast on them, and get her to do her weaves in a strange place - since she doesn't like to stop and do them even at matches & trials, although she's crazy about doing weaves at home.

Mum thinks they accomplished those goals quite well. Gracie ran off a few times, so Mum called her, sometimes she came back right away, one time she got really distracted, so Mum threw the treat bag and had her target it, which worked really well.

Gracie made her DW contact, although she was baling big time on the teeter and frame, but she was running super happy which is more important.

She didn't want to do her weaves heading out to the view of the pond, but she did them fine going into the ring. Could be Mum's position, could be that she was just overwhelmed by the wide open spaces heading in the out direction (that's her biggest stress place). Mum worked her hard on the weaves, throwing in some tunnels and frame between since Gracie loves those too, and working to keep it happy. Gracie does have to learn at some point she has to slow down and do the weaves. So that worked fairly well.

Here is Gracies practice vid:

We had a super great time! The weather was amazing, about 70 degrees, nice and breezy. Mum got to run two of our four runs with her new Vibram Five Finger shoes, which we recently received and reviewed (watch for that review coming soon). She was loving them!

Also, we got to meet some new agility friends that are somewhat close by, which was great! Everyone down here is so nice. And we got to watch a little of the obedience match that was going on inside of the building.

Really fun day!!! Can't wait to run again!

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