Friday, April 29, 2011

Grace works her recall!

You'll remember that I have a pretty darn good recall from a sit stay. We have to do sit stays working with recalls, since there's only Mum to work with us.

But Mum thinks that they have worked really well in keeping me focused even if I get distracted with a critter, since Mum has been able to pull me off a critter on occasion.

Before we left Tennessee...Mum and Gracie worked really hard on her recalls every day; just like Mum has been working with me. Since Gracie overcame her wacky eyed-ness in being in the big open pasture, (big open spaces are one of the things that stresses her out) Mum felt comfortable starting to work with her on recalls.

We all started with me in a long, long sit stay and recall, about 100-150 yards. Mum and Gracie would run away from me and then call me to them. This got Gracie running with Mum and getting the 'edge' off.

Then once I reached them, we would put Gracie in a sit stay and walk away from her...starting with five feet, increasing to ten and more until we got to about 50 or more feet away. Mum would say, 'ready 1, 2, 3' and release Gracie to run to us, with us running away and Gracie running full out to catch us. Then when Gracie reached us, Mum would fall on the ground and play fun with Gracie, with me in on the action, and letting Gracie lick our faces silly. Then Mum would give her a nice jackpot.

She here she is way off in the distance in the wide open spaces without modern furniture anywhere in site, BOL!

Gracie is getting very, very good at the recalls!!! Mum thinks they really helped in keeping her more focused at her recent B Match a couple of weekends ago. We're looking forward to finding a nice field around her so we can continue the work with Gracie with her recalls.


  1. That is such a fun way to learn the recall! Our human runs away sometimes but she's far too slow - she also hides behind trees to call us - gets some odd looks from passers by! Well done on your training, Dex & Lou x

  2. Hi Dex and Lou - my Mum is too slow too, but she sure tried hard to keep up with me, BOL! Hiding behind trees is a great idea! May have to try that here at our new place, we have lots of them :)


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