Monday, April 04, 2011

Training yesterday!

Yesterday we had a pawsome Sunday fun day!

Gracie and I got to go up to Knoxville and do agility training with some great new friends. The weather was amazing...78 degrees, sunny and oh so yummy! What a great gift after days of chilly temps and wet.

Mum got there before anyone else, so she scoped out the place. It was a huge, and I mean huge, fenced in field with the agility set up in the level corner. There was more open space than I think I have ever seen.

So Mum took Gracie down to the agility field and worked on her running DW, on a lowered DW. She did pawsome, so they moved to the regular dogwalk and she did great again! Then worked on some teeter, some jumping, and frame.

But Mum really wanted to take this op to work with Gracie on some recall work, since the field was so big. She put Gracie in a sit stay, like she does me in the pasture, then walked about 100 yards away and called the Grace-ster. She came running to Mum like a mad woman, full blast.

Once Gracie got to Mum she started playing with her, rolling around on the ground with her and more before she gave Gracie a big jackpot. Then they worked the same type of recall in the other direction. Gracie ran past Mum, like she has done before, but Mum really thought she had her attention, so when she went past her, she called Gracie again, and Gracie turned right around and came to Mum, wow! That was huge for both of proud of Gracie :)

When our friends got there, Mum took me down to the field. We wanted to work my running DW, just to make sure it's still in check. But mostly we wanted to work on jumps (since I got into this little bad habit about running around them at the last couple of trials.)

My running dogwalk looked pretty darn good, got it at 100% even with lots of pushing and forward motion from Mum. My weaves were pretty spunky too, which Mum loved. And when we got to some jump work, Mum worked on serps, threadles, pull thrus, 180s, 360's and some backy-uppy's and I handled it all like a pro. Mum ran me about three times during the time we were there, so much fun!

I'm soooo ready for my next trial on April 15-17th, can' wait!

Mum worked Gracie on some little sequences. She made her DW about 80% and her frame about 90%. And she even did weaves in public! Mum was really proud of that! Gracie didn't get to run as much as I did, but she had blast.

We got to train with some new friends we met at the last trial, including Speed, who we went hiking with weeks ago. One of our new friends has a new red BC pup, Fitz, about 14 weeks old. Fitz is the same size as I, even at 14 weeks. Gonna be a big boy :) Mum was super proud of me, I really wanted to play with Fitz, but sometimes I'm just not good with puppies. Mum wants me to be, just so I'm ready when we add another pup to our family. She was so proud of me, I was great with Fitz (and he was a boy too, which made it even grander, because I'm really better with girl pups). So Mum, when do I get a new brother? :) A new pup would be make for one of many great fathers day gifts even though I'm not a dad :)

When we got home, we got in a nice little hike, and did some tricks in the pasture too. It was the most fun day in weeks, thanks Mum!!!

Hope all of you had a great weekend too!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing training day! Way to go Gracie on those recalls! The perfect place to practice them! Wouldn't it just be awesome to have a training place like that in your own backyard? Guess we can dream!


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