Saturday, May 28, 2011

Enjoying the porch...

Lately it's been a little hot, but a few days here lately it's been very enjoyable! So enjoyable that we've been spending a lot of time our our porch!

I check frequently for wildlife, between a nice chew on my deer antler...

Gracie keeps a good eye out too, you never know when you'll see a bunny, guinea hen, deer, or squirrel around here!

Wiggy loves hanging out on the table Mum put out on the porch...keeps him from being pestered by me and Gracie :).

And Wolfie is always on the watch for bugs...he loves hunting bugs, even when they are on the other side of the screen!

And he has to keep an eye on me and Gracie, when we start a good tussle!

We're taking it easy this weekend...resting up from the trial last weekend, and putting up the fence the previous weekend...and moving..and working..and, well you get the idea. Pretty soon Mum's gonna have to look into oxyelite pro side effects, I think she took off more lbs, BOL!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your holiday!!!! Ahhh...finally summer!

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