Monday, June 27, 2011

Can you say Sheep!?!

Mum, Gracie and I had a great time on my Birthday last Saturday!

We took off in the late afternoon to a place fairly close by where they were having a play day. You could herd sheep, do lure coursing, agility, dock dog, rally and hike on the acres around the property!

The first thing we did was head on over to where the sheep were, so we could get in line for my chance to see sheep again. This would be my second time on sheep. The first time was when I was almost two years old, way back in 2006.

This time I was a little more mild with the sheep. I am a little older. And these were different sheep than I saw back in 2006; and a couple of them were pretty stubborn, I have to say.

Here's the vid...

After that I was pretty winded, so we got some water and rested up a bit. I took a little dip in the pool to cool off. Even Gracie was winded from all that screaming while she watched me herd. They thought I did pretty good, even with the stubborn one.

We wanted to head on over after a little rest and do the lure course, but the lure wasn't working. (They gave us a nice voucher, so we could come back on a Saturday morning and do that another day; we thought that was so nice). So Mum went and paid for Gracie to do some sheep herding instead of the lure course.

This is also Gracie's second time seeing sheep up close and personal. The first time was back in 2006 too when she was just about 9 months old.

Here's Gracies vid...

Gracie really got into it with that stubborn sheep; and she was starting to nip them early on which is why she got a warning in the very beginning. But they thought she really improved over the time in how to handle the stubborn ones and herd a little without nipping. She's more of a chaser than a herder they said, but she could learn, that's for sure!

Here are some still photos...that's me picking up a stray.

That's the stubborn one, so stubborn!

Getting them back with the group...

There's the lure!!! Why won't it move :( Want!

Gracie confronts the stubborn one!

BAM! Head butting...

After our herding, Gracie made a friend with an eight month old cute!

We saw some horses in the nearby pasture too! We love horses...

Here's Gracie after her herding lesson...she had so much fun!!! Check out those orange feet, BOL!

This is me after my herding session (kind of have my Gene Simmons tongue thing going on, BOL!).

Thanks Mum for a super fun birthday!!! Loved it! Can we go back soon?


  1. Wow! That looked like fun! I'd have gotten in big trouble for trying to eat the sheep. How do you not try to catch them to shake them dead?

  2. Oh, isn't instinct amazing???

    BTW, Penny came into my office here to see what all the barking was about when Gracie was waiting for her turn.

    In six years, Penny has never reacted to dog sounds on the computer or television, so that was interesting. She looked around under my desk to see who was in distress (I think) and then wandered away.

    Those sheep must be fit! I presume the little herd changes between dogs? I wonder if the stubborn one is the most intelligent sheep.

  3. Oh, WOW! Johann, that looks like Funballs, as Norwood would say, BOL! I did that once, but I had to take mom in there with me. This looks way more fun.
    Your pal Morgan, & Maisie too.

  4. Have you seen Slavenka's post about the chihuahua who herds sheep?


Thanks for barking in!

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