Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're bored!!!

Mum's been working a lot lately...and well, Gracie has been bored out of her gourd!

So when Mum isn't on the phone, and just working on the 'puter, she will sometimes start the DVR and put on a dog movie for the Grace-ster. Dog movies keep Gracie busy.

It sometimes gets kind of loud around the house, because Gracie always barks at the dogs on the TV. And what do I do then?

Yep, I start to howl. Gracie barks her arooooo, then I start the howl.

Kind of difficult sometimes for Mum to get her work done, but it's better than Gracie running up to her and dropping a toy in her lap all the time. So many toys in fact that Mum almost needs a barcode scanner to keep track of them all, BOL!!

Anyway, been kind of a boring the past couple of weeks around here with Mum working, but she assures me she has some plans up her sleeve.

Why? Because my birthday is this Saturday!!! Can't wait to see what Mum has in store!


  1. That's interesting! Penny just ignores the television, even if a dog is barking. I think her nose takes priority over her ears.

  2. Mommy says she thinks the toys would be less distracting. If I wasn't so tired after my 5 mile walk and swimming I'd have done more than pick my head up when you two started sounding off.

  3. DID YOU HEAR US????? we were barking back at ya!
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  4. Who knows exactly why Gracie barks at dogs on the TV, but Mum thinks it's because of where she came from...a big pack of dogs from a hoarder. So when she sees dogs on TV, maybe she thinks about her life before us!

    Bark, bark, bark!!!!


Thanks for barking in!

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