Thursday, July 28, 2011

European Open (EO 2011) this weekend!

The European Open (EO 2011) gets underway this weekend, July 30-31 in Bad Hall (near Salzburg), Austria.

Here is the official schedule:

Thursday, 07/28/2011
19:00 Team leader meeting

Friday, 07/29/2011
08.00 Registration of participants
09:00 Official training
18:30 Opening ceremony
19:30 Judges' meeting

Saturday, 07/30/2011
07:30 Individual competitions followed by Individual competition - Finals

Sunday, 07/31/2011
07:00 Team competitions followed by Team competition - Finals
17:00 Closing ceremony with awards ceremonies

US Participants include:

Large - Team 1
Susan Cochran & Rider (BC)
Channan Fosty & Icon (BC)
Nancy Gyes & Ace (BC)
Laura Jones & Kep (BC)

Large - Team 2
Stacy Peardot-Goudy & Maze (BC)
Daisy Peel & Solar (BC)
Ann Zarr & Skylar (BC)

Large - Team 3
Elicia Calhoun & Tobie (BC)
Kathleen Desvigne & Vivian (BC)
Tracy Golden & Blink (BC)
Bonnie Norris & Ice (BC)

Large - Team 4
Elicia Calhoun & Nika
Tracy Golden & Bam
Bonnie McDonald & Thriller

Small - Team 5
Janneke Case & Binkie (Sheltie)
Barb Davis & Skecher (Sheltie)
Joan Meyer & Neil (Sheltie)
Melanie Miller & Smitten (BC)

Small - Team 6
Janneke Case & Roo (Sheltie)
Barb Davis & Rock-It (Sheltie)
Kory Kaye & Keyme (Sheltie)

Small - Team 7
Anna Ericsson & Charlie (Sheltie)
Mary Jo Johnson & Sully (Sheltie)
Deborah McBride & Chase (Sheltie)

Important Links:
Courses from participating judges
Schedule of Events (PDF Download)
Team Listings (PDF Download)

Results (Austria is +6 hours ET, +3 hours PT in the US)

Full Results with Team Results

Video/Photos: will be at the event creating slow motion videos
Iztok Noc (Slovenia) will be taking photographs
Maja Rokavec will also be taking photos
YouTube: (videos are now being loaded, more to come)
AgilityDogs on Vimeo (USA - Kep, Ace, Rider, Icon, Maze, Skylar, USATeam1

EO 2012 will be held in Kristianstad, Sweden, 27-29 July

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  1. I just have to say--
    Large - Team 1
    Susan Cochran & Rider (BC)
    Channan Fosty & Icon (BC)
    Nancy Gyes & Ace (BC)
    Laura Jones & Kep (BC)

    Yay, Bay Team!! (Well--Susan isn't technically a member, but she lives in our range and trains here often too.)


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