Monday, July 11, 2011


We've got some lizards around here!

They are sneaky things, very fast and difficult to catch. But very, very interesting creatures. Here's one we found the day hanging around our propane tank...

We think he's a Eastern Fence Lizard (Sceloporus undulatus). As the site says...
'Fence lizards are most common in dry, open forests, particularly if there are abundant logs and stumps where they may hide.

Although sometimes found on the ground, fence lizards are one of our most arboreal (tree-dwelling) lizards and usually dash for the nearest tree when approached. When pursued, fence lizards will stay on the opposite side of the tree from the predator, in the same fashion as a squirrel. Fence lizards eat a wide variety of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates.'
Did someone say SQUIRREL!!!!

Nice to know they are keeping the bug and spider population down...OK, guess they can stay :)

We also see a lot of these...

Southeastern Five-lined Skink (Eumeces inexpectatus), especially the young ones with the blue tails. They have so many lines on them sometimes, they could pass for barcode scanners, BOL! Photo courtesty of the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

The site says...
'Southeastern five-lined skinks may be found on the ground or in trees, but are generally less arboreal (tree dwelling) than broadhead skinks. Although sometimes seen in the open, these lizards are most often found beneath logs or under tree bark.

When pursued, these lizards generally run for the nearest tree or log and can be quite difficult to capture. Like many other lizards, southeastern five-lined skinks will break off their tails when restrained, distracting the predator and allowing the lizard to escape.'
Break off their way! Very interesting stuff, don't you think

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