Friday, August 05, 2011

Mouse in the house!

We expected we'd have some mice try to venture into the cabin eventually. Mum sees a lot of mice scrounging around behind the cabin in the dead leaves. And the person we rent from gifted us with a humane mouse trap when we moved in, BOL! Sure sign that is!

We'll we thought having the kitties monitoring such activity would keep them at bay. But noooooo!

One of those little critters (a baby actually needing some baby keepsakes from redenvelope) had the meeses to enter our domain. Mum and I heard a ruckus downstairs one early morning. Gracie was doing her Tim Allen grunting impression (which usually means that she wants to get in on the action, this time with the kitties).

So we got up and hustled downstairs. We saw the kitties huddled all around the wood burning stove. Just then Mum saw what they were after, yep, it was a mouse!

Mum got out that mouse trap and placed it behind the stove, then put our puppy pen all around the stove, hoping that with a little peace, that mouse would come out and go for the peanut butter in the little trap.

So Mum let out Gracie, and of course I was already on duty.

That mouse only ventured out one time during the day when Mum was on a conference call and Gracie and I were 'loaded up' in our crates, so we wouldn't disturb.

Once that was all done, Mum let us out and we were right back after it! Little mouse pup went right back under the stove to it's safety place.

We finally got bored after many, many hours (all day actually) of standing guard; and went to bed. Haven't seen the littler vermin since. Bet he never comes back again!

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