Monday, August 08, 2011

We have a new fence!

Can you tell that we are excited?!?!! Well, we are! Last weekend Mum moved the fence that she put up in the front of the cabin to a big area in the back. We can run a lot further now and we are loving it!

Originally, we put the fence in the front because it was a nice unobstructed area for training. There was a little rock in the fenced area, but the folks we rent from said we could easily rake that out.

Well, after about six weeks of raking, Mum had had enough! Turned out the rock went down about six inches in about one third of the area, and every time she raked it out, it would rain and expose even more and more rock. So she moved it for us and we really like it much better!

We are super grateful for the help of our neighbor. He brought over a big heavy chain and a huge crow bar and helped us get the old posts out and the new posts in. Then Mum took about a day to get the fence part up. She even fenced the area where we could potentially get underneath the deck. It was a lot of work for Mum, but she is very happy that we are happy :).

There's a nice high level where we can run full out...then there is a nice lower level where we can run full out too. And we can run from one level to the other, and get in some nice little hill work.

We also have the entire 25x50 deck that we can hang around on and take a nice dip in our kiddie pool. Love that!

Gracie likes to stand on the high level at one end...and look way, way over to the other area on the high level.

Thanks Mum, we sure are grateful for all your smelly sweat, BOL!!!!


  1. Wow! That looks like a great yard. Mommy knows about the rock thing. At Grandma and Grandpa's house at the lake everyone pulled a bucket full of rocks out of the water every day they swam for two years trying to make a sandy beach, but all that happened was more rocks showed up.

  2. The new fenced in area sounds fabulous! Your mum is so wonderful doing all that super hard work for you guys!


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