Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We really like the new K9 Shower!

A few weeks back, we were fortunate enough to have the nice folks at K9 Shower send us one of their units to try out for free! We were pretty excited about trying it out because we think it has a wide variety of potential uses for active dogs like us. We loved it, so of course we had to tell you about it!

The K9 Shower is billed as an effective solution to a common problem: “How do I clean my dirty dog before putting him in the car or taking him into my house?”

We think it fits the bill! We've been using it for not only cleaning up after a hike (you can hook it to a lowered car window and use it before heading home), or wrestling around in the backyard after a rain; but we believe it also has some other key uses like rinsing off after a dip in a chlorine pool (you don't want those pool chemicals hanging on your dog), and we believe it will be a great solution to take to agility trials when it's hot to rinse down and cool off between runs.

For our first test, Mum filled up the tank from the faucet as instructed. Then she placed it up on our deck railing, with the hose dropped down since the water comes down the hose via gravity pressure. She opened the vent valve, and called me over to come wash off my paws. She opened up the shower head and a nice gentle flow of water came out to wash off my paws, it didn't scare me at all. Here's a quick little vid (you can see even though I love the water of streams and creeks, I'm not that crazy about a bath, BOL!):

After we were done, Mum just shut off the shower head, closed the vent valve, wrapped up the hose and our K9 Shower is ready for our next hike, leakproof and all.

The K9 Shower comes with hooks on the back so you can hook it to a car window, or use the included mounting bracket and hook it to the side of your house by the back door for quick wash ups before going into the house.

The unit holds 2.2 gallons of water, plenty for almost a full wash up of a pup my size, or even a quick wash up for both me and Gracie after our hikes. It has enough pressure to get bellies too.

We love that it's manufactured in the US! It's a unique, fun, and handy product for any dog that likes to get out there and be a dog, like me!

The K9 Shower retails for $39.95 and you can pick it up at Clean Run through our affiliate link. Then we can donate 10% of our profits to dog rescue. Can't beat that!


  1. Thanks a lot (grrrr) Mommy likes the look of that thing and wants to get one so that she can clean me up easier after I roll in goo on hikes. Pfft!

  2. Bol! I don't like water or especially baths either, and I'm a Lab! (But I do like the rain...go figure!) That looks like a nice paw washer and the water stream is really good considering the gravity feed.


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