Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Agility practice last Saturday!

Hey Gracie! Do you like agility? Do ya, huh?

Gracie and I got to go to agility practice again last Saturday!

We were at this same building about a month ago and loved it there. Gracie and I both got to run three runs in about 1.5 hours on Saturday. Always takes a bit of a toll on Mum to run so much in such a short time, but it's good for her, lol!

Mum wanted to try to work on gambles with me since I needed gamble practice. The weave pole bases we've been seeing at trials lately are throwing me since they are so wide. But the bases here at this practice facility where the usual width 3.5 inches. So I did then just fine.

Mum ran me once on the regular course, and then ran me again a little differently to work in a couple of gambles. The first gamble was a jump, weave, jump (near the beginning); the second gamble was after the frame a jump, tunnel, triple jump and I nailed them both, both runs. Super fun....here's one of my gamble runs.

Gracie likes it at this building too. She's really starting to get used to me barking all the time while she is running. It doesn't seem to bother her like it used to.

She made all her contacts, and nailed all three of her weave entries. Such a good girl!

She had some issues with the table and was refusing the teeter on the first try the first two times, but they worked through that.

We're super proud of Gracie and all the good agility she's been doing lately. She's pretty apprehensive out there right now and it's showing in her slower speed, but Mum thinks that once she builds that confidence, she's gonna be a speedy one. BOL - maybe she needs some fluid tech in her. Right now, though, we're just super happy she wants to really start concentrating more on agility. Mum says she's a lot of fun to run.

Hope you had a pawsome weekend! Mum, Gracie and I took some time off from work and played in the yard, went to practice and just watched some fun movies. Great Holiday Weekend!!!


  1. Fun with a purpose! Oh...shhhh we can't tell the pups that! What a good job you both did!


Thanks for barking in!

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