Monday, November 14, 2011

Agility practice last week!

Last Tuesday Gracie, Mum and I headed south to get in some agility run thrus.

It was at a horse arena south of here and was a night time agility fun time. The run thrus started at 6:30 PM. There ended up being so many dogs that we got in our second and final run at 10:30 PM. I don't think I've ever run agility that late in my life, BOL!

We ended up getting home really late, about 1:30 AM after driving back and stopping for a quick errand or two. But it was fun, nonetheless!

The best part is that Gracie did really, really well!

Her first run is in the video. She got a little unfocused at the first set of jumps, but Mum got her back really quickly. She started getting that really glassy, wide-eyes look at the table, so Mum gave her the 'scratch the upper leg' calming that Gracie likes and she started focusing really well again. She didn't want to stop and do her weaves the first time, but Mum worked with her and she did them twice after, good girl! The rest of the run was pretty good too.

Her second run was the same course, and she actually did the weaves on the first try! Mum was soooo proud of her. She doesn't look really confident out there, but she's coming along really, really well and much more focused Mum thinks. Just imagine what she can do once the confidence kicks in!

I did the same course and was just OK on the speed. I've started a little aversion to horse arenas uneven dirt lately. Probably because the last time I gave it my all in a horse arena I got hurt again. But Mum is hoping it's just temporary and is working on helping me build my confidence on dirt again.

Gracie and I are both entered in a USDAA trial coming up in a week or so. Gracie hasn't been entered into a trial for over three years. I have two runs a day and Gracie has two runs a day as well. We can't wait to see what Gracie does! And I'm going for those last four Q's needed for my ADCH, can't wait!

Here's the vid (oh, btw, the guy that video taped my run hummed through the entire thing. Mum thought that was very rude!).

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