Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Going somewhere?

Took us a while, but Mum finally gave me a shot at the suitcase trick!

I have to say, being in a small confined space and being still really isn't my cup of tea, but Mum helped me to enjoy it as much as possible. Turned out, it wasn't so bad and I kind of really liked it after a while.

Here's my first real try.

Fun stuff!

Mum let Gracie have a go and it was definitely something she liked, she just didn't fit in the suitcase as well as I did, BOL! Maybe she'd be better served as a TSA agent and she can 'discover' me.

I think she would be much better suited for one of those Dishwasher Jobs, you know licking the plate and all? She'd really like that!

She's gonna keep trying though with the suitcase and see how 'small' she can get in there! She liked it :).


  1. What a great trick! I thought the funniest bit was when Johann didn't come out.

  2. Wow! Great trick! The trainer must have been really patient in teaching Johann the trick. really great!

  3. Funny! Or maybe, Gracie can try to lose some weight with this: so she can also fit in the suitcase next time. :P


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