Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a dusting, but snow fun nonetheless!

Well, wadda ya know? It snowed last week!

Lucky us, who drove three hours back and forth to Perry for Agility the weekend just before, are very grateful the weather decided to be super nice and wait to snow until we got home!

We didn't get much, about 1/2 inch, but it was enough to give a nice white cover; and a white background for a pose shot.

Of course, Gracie and I had a good wrestle...look closely, I'm arroooing for my life here!

And a good attempt at a tumble...'bringing you down, Gracie!'

It was a snow boxing match, it was! Gotta watch Gracie's right hook, it's nasty!

Then after, a nice time for a little bird watching break...

And then time for treats! And the official 1st snow photo of the year!

We are really glad that we got a little snow! But we expect more in the next month or two.

Many of the locals say that we should expect one big snow dump, about 10 inches or so sometime each winter. Sounds like fun! Maybe then we can get a super nice pic, totally suitable for the next xbox 360 new release on snow dogs...bring it on!

Did you get any snow last week?

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  1. I is glad you is enjoying your snow! None over here! Just some frost.


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