Thursday, March 08, 2012


Lucky us, we got a quick pic of the only spring flower that's growing around here, our Daffodil! This was from last week, before Gracie destroyed it zoomin' around the yard with me.

It's a pretty one isn't it? We weren't here this time last year. So, we were very pleasantly surprised to see this little one in our yard.

And the other cool thing is that when we drove the last two times to agility practice, daffodils are naturalized all over the mountains here! Very cool, very, very cool! They don't even look like they've been myoripped, BOL!!!

They are absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes we stop on the side of the road and just taken 'em in in awe....awe!!!!


  1. Mine are always late bloomers. My neighbors all have them right now though. :)

  2. Very pretty! Our first daffodils are blooming a little today! I think it is cool that they come up all through the woods!

  3. Oh, yeah! Our first blatantly spring flower was a daffodil, too, but a little earlier.

    They always look so fake to me, so perfectly like plastic flowers, yet gorgeous.


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