Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our SQ and strategy for last weekend's snooker course!

Getting a SQ in USDAA Masters Snooker isn't that easy for a seven year old pup like me that's had a ton of injuries in my life.

Heck it's not that easy for lots of dogs!

In my opinion, it takes a real good strategy and plan by your Mum, nice speed by you (the dog), and nice accuracy.

Mum and I still have one more SQ to go for the ADCH, but we're super hopeful that we'll get it, because we've learned a few things about snooker in this recent quest that have really helped us get the two we have, and to get super close to the ones we haven't gotten lately.

Since we're not super speedy, we need a very well thought out strategy. So we're gonna share our strategy and plan from last weekend's SQ. Turns out I got 49 points in 48.99 seconds (with 52 seconds allowed) in this run; the highest number of points in the least amount of time in all the jump heights. Go figure!

So here's the course....

We started with the red in the lower left, took the teeter and 7C, then headed back to 7A and took the red just to the left. Then we took the 6 combo, and then the red at the top, back to the six combo and then on to the 2 frame heading toward the three and on through the rest of the closing.

We had a little bobble getting from 6b to the frame, but thought it flowed very nicely otherwise.

Since I'm not super speedy, Mum's planning for me on snooker courses lately to try and get the SQ has been to calculate how many obstacles I can accomplish in the full course time. Then she calculates the number of obstacles in the closing, including the combos and any 'invisible' obstacles there may be between numbers (or reds) if the numbers (or reds) are far apart (this is an important part for us since we're not super speedy).

Then she starts calculating the number of obstacles in the opening that will give us the maximum points in the shortest amount of distance, as well as a nice flow from one red to color to the red and color and so on; making sure that we don't go over the total number of obstacles I can accomplish in the full time allowed.

Before she started calculating this way, she was way over planning my opening and we weren't doing well at all. Now it's working really well. Lately if I do get all the way through without a mistake, we've been either 'oh so close' to a SQ or have gotten a SQ.

Mum's plan may be over strategic and too 'scientific', but very helpful to us. I think she deserves buy morgan dollars for all that thinking, BOL!

On to the next one for the ADCH!

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