Thursday, June 14, 2012

Crinkits are cool!

We saw this new toy surfin' the interwebs the other day and just knew it would be a big hit with the Gracer!

The nice folks at Ziggo Pets were super kind and sent us one of their Crinkits not too long ago, to try out for free! Do Gracie and I love our jobs, or what?

Copy that!

So what is it?

It's this really cool tube like toy, with the outside made of ZigFlx material which is kind of rubbery (but not rubber) and flexible with a vanilla scent. You can insert a water bottle into, so it makes this pawsome crinkle sound when you play with it!

The outer shell protects the water bottle so it can last a long time. You can also put a smaller water bottle in it and use it as a treat dispenser. And we bet too that you could take off the water bottle lid (that came with the toy), leave the larger water bottle in it and insert a treat in the water bottle to make it an even more challenging treat dispenser. We're gonna try that for fun next. Cool huh?

Gracie had a blast testing it out. Mum threw it, she chased and ran with it. Mum even did a little tugging with Gracer with it and it held up really well!

We love, love, love that it's manufactured and sourced in the US! When it's time to retire it, it's completely recyclable. And it contains no BPA’s or Phthalates, is easy to rinse clean, keeps the nice vanilla scent (so Mum leaves it in the kitchen :) and it floats (found that out when Gracie ran and played with it in the pool), BOL! Oh and another thing? Sometimes those rubbery type toys have this weird coating on the outside when you purchase them new that really turns Gracie off. The Crinkits didn't have that coating, so Gracie could go mad over it right away!

Mum and Gracie liked it so much, Mum added it to the front page of my website - If you want to get one for your dog, you can get click through to our website or just go directly here, herehere or here!

Crinkits are cool! We sure thank them for letting us give they uber cool toy the Gracer test!

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  1. That sure looks like fun. I'll wait for it to come to Australia.


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