Friday, June 01, 2012

More Scorpions, on my!

Mum says we have to stay away from these.

Yes,'s a scorpion. They are pretty common around here.

So far Mum's killed about six of them...a few crawling around in the living area. She found one in a box she unpacked, eek! And found one in the bathroom sink, eek, again!

Spring is the time we see them the most. Guess they are coming out of their shell so to speak and looking for food and shelter.

Mum has a pretty good eye when it comes to movement and will go after them pretty quickly with a shoe. She's sprinkled some Diatomaceous Earth around the inside and outside of the cabin to cut down on them (since they like to eat bugs that DE will get rid of), but it's taking time to work.

Most folks around here says if they sting you it's a lot like a wasp sting, a little more powerful than a bee. So she's keeping the Benadryl handy for all of us too, just in case!

We've got more here than the other cabins we've been in, so Mum may have to step up the DE!

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