Saturday, July 07, 2012

Big storms!

We were out on our after dinner romp in the yard, when it started raining one day last week.

Unexpectedly a huge storm came up, so Mum, Gracie and I hung out on the back deck, and we watched Mum scrub up all the bird poo that had accumulated before we moved in. Since the cabin had been vacant for a long time, the birds used it as a resting spot for a long time!

In the middle of her cleaning and scrubbing, all of a sudden a huge CRACK and big FLASH OF LIGHTENING all at the same time!

Gracie and I looked at Mum, Mum looked at us, like 'what was that?!' Mum said, 'wow, that was a big one, maybe we should head inside.' We wagged our tails and headed for the door.

Mum says we amaze her! That crack of lightening was very close to the cabin, yet, we all kept our cool and didn't show any signs of fear or stress. With so many of our friends afraid of thunderstorms, they don't seem to phase us or our kittie bros one little bit! We are luck!!!

Sure hope those businesses down the mountain have liability insurance for small business, very scary storm!

This photo from our deck is that storm after it moved south. Check out those cloud formations!


  1. You are lucky that you're not bothered by thunderstorms! I never used to be but it seems to be changing this year :-(
    What a beautiful sky shot!

    Love ya lots,

  2. It's so great that they can sty calm in a storm. Penny isn't usually worried about storms either. We did spend time playing fun games during storms when she was young. Maybe that helped.

  3. That is a really cool storm cloud picture! And good to know that you guys aren't bothered by thunder. Definitely a good thing to have if you ever have to run agility trial inside during a thunder storm.

  4. That's awesome that you guys all stayed calm during what sounded like a really bad storm...bravo! FYI for those pups having a problem with them they might want to look into flower essences, they're fantastic and there are a few that specifically help them handle things like thunderstorms.
    Good Job Gracie & Jo!!!!


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