Sunday, July 22, 2012

I caught a squirrel!!! That's one off my bucket list!

See that look?

It's the look of pure satisfaction!

Yes, today was a big, big day. I caught a squirrel, one of the five items on my bucket list for this year.

Mum let me and Gracie out for our mid-morning romp, and I ran around to the back side of the cabin. Just then, Mum heard squealing and squeaking, all kinds of noise! She ran around the cabin, but by that time, the noise had driven Gracie right to me.

Even though I caught the little buggar (not an easy feat by any means), Gracie went in for the kill shot....a good crunch to the neck. 

While all this was going on, Mum ran inside to get the camera, of course. We promise not to show the very gruesome detail, but you can see Gracie didn't want to give up that squirrel after I had disabled it. As Mum approached, she took off with it to the other end of the yard.

After calming Gracie down a bit, Mum pretty easily told Gracie to leave it and she did. Dropped it right after this shot was taken.

Then Mum had to go through the process of getting it out of our fenced in yard. Yep, she squinted her eyes, shuttered a bit, then scooped it up with the rake and took it across the road for some other wild animal to enjoy for a nice dinner tonight.

Ok, bet we're really grossing you out. Sorry about that, but I have to say that there is nothing better than sinking your teeth into your highest level nemesis. After that, I was more than willing to let Gracie share in the joy with me.

Now I can add squirrel to my list of kills - mice, rabbits, a bird...If I was living wild, this is just the thing that would keep me alive. Nature and instinct is sometimes sad, but always interesting.

Sorry, gotta go, I think I see another one!


  1. Good job! My squirrel catching days are over, but I still love stalking them. One time on Mommy's birthday I caught a squirrel alive and tossed it to her so she could have the fun of shaking it dead, but she just jumped backwards and let the squirrel get away. Humans.

  2. I've heard it said that if there's an end to human civilisation, our pet dogs wouldn't last a week, but it looks as if your two would provide for themselves quite nicely.


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