Friday, August 24, 2012

Chowin' down on raw!

If you know me, you know how much I love my raw meat!

A while back we posted a video about how excited Gracie and I get for our raw chicken backs and necks.

We got the raw chicken backs and necks (hormone free, anti-biotic free, of course) from Whole Foods. They were kind enough to order them for us a week or so ahead of time. Then when we stopped at the store to pick them up, they delivered them to our car since it was hot out and Mum didn't want to leave us in the car. And they packed them in ice for our a long drive back to the cabin. How cool is that! Great service.

Here's that vid again showing how excited we get!

After some online friends saw this vid, they wanted to see me eating one of my raw chicken backs. 

Mum remembers the first time she gave us some raw food. It was a raw chicken neck. They are small and may not be the right size for bigger dogs, but they are perfect size for me and Gracie. 

One of the things that sticks out in Mum's mind is how natural it sounds as we crunch the necks and break up the cartilage of the raw meaty bone. It's not like chewing Wholesale Leather that's for sure!

It may seem gross to some, but feels, and is, oh so natural to me and Gracie! So here's the vid of me chowin' down on my raw chicken back. If you're queasy about this kind of stuff, you may not want to watch, BOL!


  1. Johann, you really had me drooling! that chicken back really gives your teeth and jaws a good workout, huh? raw chicken with bone is part of my raw rotation too! yum!


  2. Wow that looked yummy! I'm amazed at how you managed to eat that whole thing without dropping a single bit of it.


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