Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turtle comes to visit!

The other day after a big, big rain a turtle came to visit.

He was on the other side of the fence (you may have to click to bigify) and just about drove us nuts! Cute isn't he? 

He retracted his little head as soon as he saw us coming. Maybe he was inside his turtle shell house logging in for some online life insurance,just in case, BOL!

Critters are so amazing. Squirrels, toads (oh, more about that real soon!), turtles, birds, bears, mountain lions, we've seen all of them up on our mountain. Just a tip, make sure you only see bears and mountain lions from the car, it's safer!


  1. I've met turtles before too and one time it was a mama turtle laying eggs. She did what she had to do and walked off. She didn't even care that I was watching her!

    Love ya lots,

  2. I miss the days of visiting turtles. :) Even in our yard, they'd draw into their shells and drive the dog nuts. Then the kids would bring them in to make the dog even a little more crazy. Our fencing situation has changed, so we no longer get turtles. Just bunnies. Which is a whole 'nother kind of crazy ...

  3. You've got quite a variety of critters! We have mountain lions in these thar hills around us, but I've never seen one myself. No bears, though--have to go further inland or north for those, although there have been a couple reported sightseeing closer in to civilization recently.


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