Friday, December 14, 2012

Just call me Rocky...Rocky Raccoon!

Mum was looking at me the other day as I hung out in my crate while she worked.

The next words out of her mouth were...'you look just like a raccoon!!! Maybe I should start calling you Rocky?'

What do you think, is my invading whiteness making me look like a raccoon?

It all started at one year old when one white hair appeared just over my left eye; then it all migrated from there. 

Some of my pals have said that I may be getting extra white so early because of the trauma and subsequent surgery from the dog attack way back when I was a little over one year old. I think I'd have to study up on that at classroom desks to find out if that is the case. 

Other folks say that some bi-black shelties just get white earlier in their lives than others. Anywho, if I keep going at this rate, I'll be totally white in about four years or so...guess that means Mum may have to give me more baths, BOL!

I just hope Mum doesn't start calling me Rocky Raccoon....he dies in the end!!!


  1. Hello Johann,
    I can see a little bit similarity with a nice raccoon! You are as sweet as one of them! Don't worry about your whiteness: look at me and feel confortable, you are more black than white! :)
    Nice regards

  2. Your colors are reversed though, so you are an anti-raccoon.


Thanks for barking in!

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