Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My kittie bros...enjoying the view and each other!

Ahhhh....this warms my heart...these are my kittie bros Wolfie (on the left) and Wiggy (on the right). 

Not since BD (before dogs) has Mum seen them sleeping together. Brought little tears to her eyes. 

Having dogs in their lives has changed them. They are more alert, even when sleeping; more cautious as they walk around the cabin. And they don't play and get their zoommies on until both Gracie and I have gone to sleep. And Mum has trouble playing with them unless she shuts me and Gracie in another room. 

Poor kitties...but we think they are happy. Being senior cats, they don't want to be quite as active as they once were. They are more content just hanging out at the window, enjoying our amazing view of the mountains. I don't think we could get any higher unless we used buy auto lifts, BOL!

Love my kittie bros.


  1. that's a sweet picture of your kitty bros, Johann! My kitty sisters don't nap together either except sometimes they can share a cuddle with mom if she's lying down. My kitty sisters sure are envious of your tv, bol!


  2. Such sweet, pretty kitties. Our kitty feels the same way about our dogs, but he has the upstairs and the dogs live down.

    Your view is quite lovely. :)


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