Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fence expansion!

Oh we have been bad bloggers!!! It's been a super busy month for Mum's work, but we made her take a break so that we could share some of things that we've been up to lately.

Mum's had this in her mind for a while now. Since she put up the fence back in April, we haven't had enough good flat out running space here at our new cabin. It may be fine for some pups, but not enough for me and Gracie!

Well, Mum had a few fence posts left over so she decide a few weeks ago to expand our fence and encircle the entire cabin. She finally got it done and we are loving it!!

Funny thing, we were so used to how we were zooming around before, that we forgot that we can zoom all the way around the cabin. So Mum spent a few times showing and reminding us that we can run all the way around now and I have to say that it's not only super cool, but gives me a lot more exercise, especially since it's more uphill where Mum expanded and we can work our back ends really well.

Another cool thing is the new area comes with a makeshift stone bench that the previous owners had built. (That's me and Gracie enjoying a good sit in the pic above). Gracie and I love sitting on the bench, because we can see way, way, way to the top of Springer Mountain and Black Mountain from there.

In addition to that, Mum incorporated the old wood pile in the new fence area too. Oh wow, there are tons of new smells to explore.

We are really liking our cabin...and Mum says that we are definitely staying for at least another year here. So glad we don't have to call up any fayetteville nc property management companies and look for another cabin next April and can keep exploring all the super fun trails around here.


  1. Lots of exciting things at the cabin! It sounds lovely

  2. You guys look rather serious sitting on the stone seat, lol. I guess it's hard work learning to run right around the cabin! I'm so glad to hear you have more running space now.

  3. You live in such pretty country. I was out that way about two years ago, the little town at the foot of Black Mountain. So glad you have all the new running capacity now. :)


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