Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking photos of your dog!

Lots of folks ask us about the photos Mum takes of us.

She's not a professional...heck she doesn't even consider herself a good amateur. But she enjoys photography and likes to experiment; and would love to get a super good camera to replace our old SLR (non-digital) sometime (maybe we'll be luck and get martin hanaka (the president of Staples) to give this dog one of those great Canon EOS's!

Way back before dogs entered Mum's life she used to take a ton of photos of my kittie bros. They were her muse back then. And she had a darkroom in our house back in Indiana (yep, that was before digital became super common).

Now we use a couple of cameras, our Casio High Speed Exilim Digital Camera and our really good Samsung. And we still seem to get some shots that make folks press that like button over and over on my Facebook page.

So we decided to write up a few tips that we've learned over the years to get the best shots possible of me, Gracie, and even Wolfie and Wiggy. Here's our new Squidoo lens 'How to take great photos of your dog," which received Lens of the Day not too long ago on Squidoo (very cool!). You may pick up some tips and see some of our best and favorite photos!

Hope you enjoy!


  1. We didn't know that you were on facebook, Johann. We do now!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Sure did enjoy the Squidoo. I learned a few really good tips. I've always admired your creativity in photography and now I'm going to try some of those ideas. I particularly love the one looking over Johann's head and I think I remember seeing it previously.


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