Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dogs, cars and pawsome prizes you can win!!!

If you know me and read my blog you know what a big proponent I am of keeping your dog safe in the car when traveling!

Especially since Gracie, Mum and I experienced a pretty bad accident coming back from an agility trial. back in 2007.

The great thing is that we were all buckled up in our crates in the back of our Rover and came away with only some stress issues with Gracie, a couple of bruised ribs (me) and a very slight concussion for Mum. But we recovered very quickly and even did an agility trial the next weekend!

We hate to think what could have happened if we had been loose in the car. We've heard so many sad stories over the years of agility friends and others whose dogs have been hurt and lost because they weren't secure in the car.

It doesn't have to be!!!!

After our accident back in 2007, we wrote a Squidoo lens - Car Safety for Dogs - that has lots of great info and resources to help you learn how you can keep your dog safe while traveling; everything from dog seat belt reviews (they are not all created equal!), crate recommendations, news, info and lots more. Check it out, we know you'll find it helpful.

Subaru DOG TESTED, DOG APPROVED™ just gets dogs and the importance of keeping dogs safe in cars too!!! Check out Subaru's video and you'll understand why!

The next time you're out looking for a new dog car, we recommend you take your dog, buckle or crate them up in the car you're testing, and take everyone for a test drive. After all,  if every one - two and four legged - is going to be traveling, you may as well test it out before buying! We know Subaru would be more than happy to accommodate you.

Before you head out to those dealerships, be sure and check out Subaru's new Facebook app where you can match just the right car for you and your dog, put your dog in a Subaru, get them a new driver's license and ask Subaru experts all the question you need!

See here's my new GA DL!!! Oh, all the mountain dogs are gonna be envious now! Cool huh? I'm finally legal.

But the best part? Oh yeah!!! Subaru is giving away two pawsome prizes!!! A $350.00 VISA Gift Card and  a $150.00 VISA Gift Card....perfect for outfitting your dog with all the secure gear they need to keep them safe in your car, and pick up some extra treats and toys, too! So get entering, it's easy...just follow the instructions below in the widget, and good luck! You only have until 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, February 24th to enter! These prizes are for US residents only (apologies to my friends north, south and across the ponds), and you need to be 18 to enter. Good Luck!!!

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This post is sponsored by Subaru and the Dog Tested. Dog Approved™ campaign. We are being compensated for this post. I gotta tell ya, we couldn't pass up the opportunity because you know what big proponents we are about dog car safety, and how much we love supporting any company that cares about dogs and shows it with their products and services!

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  1. Hey Johann! You and I can go out driving now. I got my license too! wheee!
    Your pal,
    Rocco Havanese


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