Sunday, February 10, 2013

We are family...I got all my sisters (and bros) with me!

It's Sunday morning and we're hanging with Mum, lazing out on a lazy morning.

I love's the day we sometimes do agility, sometimes go hiking, or sometimes just stay in on a bad weather day and cuddle with Mum, help her around the cabin, and later play games and tricks.

We are family, and I got all my sisters (and kittie bros) with me!

I love it that way, being a pack, being a family. Wherever we go, wherever we live, whatever we do, we're a pack, furever!

Over the years we've lived in many places and traveled many, many miles moving, going to agility or driving for hiking trips. Mum has always made our place, wherever we are (a cabin, a hotel room, or our car), 'our place'.

You know what I mean...making sure we always have our beds and other gear out first on moving day, our beds and crates at agility or in a hotel room, and our travel crates - our home away from home - in the car so that we always have 'our place' and feel at home - safe, secure and happy.

When Mum got our last car the main criteria (like a lot of our furiends and agility buds) was making sure we would be safe, secure and comfortable. She took our crates with her to the dealer to make sure they would fit, she had measurements with her so that she would be sure the kitties crates and all of our gear would fit as well; and that there would be room for family expansion some time in our future. We think she chose very, very well; we love traveling in our car!

If you're looking for a new dog car ('cause we all know that cars are for dogs, right?) check out the DOG TESTED, DOG APPROVED™ cars from Subaru. Why? Because they think of dogs as family, just like we do!

Grant Weber, sales associate for Subaru, even understands when you (like my sis, Gracie) want to chase a squirrel, BOL!

Oh and don't furget to head on over to Subaru's Facebook app to find your next dog car, get answers to questions, get a driver's license for your dog (WANT!) and lots more!

We are family
I got all my sisters (and bros) with me
We are family
Get up everybody and sing!!!

Lyrics by Sister Sledge

This post is sponsored by Subaru and the Dog Tested. Dog Approved™ campaign. We are being compensated for this post. I gotta tell ya, we couldn't pass up the opportunity because you know what big proponents we are about dog car safety, and how much we love supporting any company that cares about dogs and shows it with their products and services!


  1. It's lovely to think of your 'pack' making itself at home in any place you find yourself.

  2. The squirrel chasing is HILARIOUS! And yes, thinking of our fur babies first is so important. Here in Tulsa we prep for tornadoes every year. We have a plan for the fur babies in case of touch downs.


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