Monday, October 28, 2013

Flat tire!

After a nice play session in our yard, Mum wanted to run to the store and stock up on a few things before the week got busy last week.

She got in the car just at sunset and headed down the mountain. The road seemed extra rough to Mum driving down the gravel part that starts at our cabin and goes down the mountain about a mile. Maybe the bus made the road more washboard?

Then she hit the paved portion of our mountain road and it was still bumpy. Oh, no, 'I've got a flat', she said. By that time it was quickly getting dark. Not the best scenario. So she tried calling our neighbor, no answer. She thought a moment....she could call AAA and wait for several hours, or she could take a chance and go to the next neighbor that had a big security light and see if they are home and could help, or just use their security light to change the flat.

She pulled into a cabin area that met the requirements and honked the horn. (That's how we let our neighbors know up here that we've arrived. It's less scary than going up and knocking on folks doors, sounds weird but it works for all of us up here).

Just then a nice man came out, asked Mum what the trouble was. Mum told him she had a flat and asked if perhaps he would be willing to help her, and what did he say? "Just pull over there to my automotive garage and I'd be happy to help!"

He had an auto garage, can you believe the luck!

Mum had a great time talking with Mr. P while he got out his heavy duty auto jack, used the compressor to pump up Mum's spare tire, and Mum was back on the road in about 30 minutes. She ran into town and was home in about two hours.

Boy did she have a story to tell us when she got home, and we got lots and lots of extra welcome home hugs and kisses from her. She felt very fortunate to meet our new found neighbor. He was so helpful. Mum considered it an early birthday present!

So Mum is going out and buying something that may help if she ever gets in a similar situation like this - a Stanley PPRH5 450-Amp Professional Power Station with Built-In Air Compressor.

Why she didn't get something like this before I'll never know. But she's hoping that it will help us being out in the middle of nowhere if we ever need a jump, get a flat, or loose power for a few hours.

We bet your Mum already has one of these!


  1. How lucky was that! My Mommy has a pump you plug into the cigarette lighter. It has helped her more than once. (P.S. Mommy says that tire had a lot more than a flat!)

  2. BOL! Mum thinks it started out as a flat, but since she drove on it so far, it shredded it!


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