Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Johann The Dog is on Vine!

Technology rocks sometimes, doesn't it?

Not too long ago, Mum had me join Vine. Vine is a fun app (we have the Android version) that allows you to create and post 6
sec vids.

It takes a little experimenting, but we've been having a little fun with it. We like it, but since we have the Android version, we've noticed that the vid quality isn't so great. Hopefully they will improve it soon.

Below are a few of the favorite Vines we've created so far. You may want to turn the sound on with that one with Wiggy so you can take in the entire experience, BOL!

If you're on Vine, be sure and find me over there K? @Johann The Dog If you don't have the app, you can see all my Vines here right now!

The Many Faces of YoYo

Gracie Weaves!

What happens when you live with a herding dog!

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