Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just call me the Comback Kid: Fun day practicing agility with friends!

A week or so ago, we drove down to Norcross to get in a little agility practice, and join our friend Rocco for his very first run thru and a nice little hike!

For those of you who didn't know, Mum actually retired me a couple of months ago. Yep, my agility career is technically over. Being nine and a half years old, and with all the injuries I've had over my life, and after my last few runs at my last two trials, Mum thought it was time. My body just wasn't taking it too well, and I just wasn't running like I usually do when I'm feeling good.

So after our last trial we got pretty down in the dumps. What are we going to do now? This is our 'thing' together! This is what we both love to do! And with all those injuries, and all the time it's taken me to get over them, I've really only been able to run agility about three years of the eight years total I've been involved in agility. No fair!

Mum looked into a few things that may help me feel more strong, more flexible, more less overall 'achy.' She bought a supplement or two (primarily Wobenzym) and had me start taking it. We cut back on my pawsome supplement that brought me out of my last retirement because they stopped making it.

And what do you know?

I feel better, again!

So Mum took me to practice to see how I handled running a full course, jumping, climbing up that frame (which is a lot bigger when you are older); and here's the result. I'm loving it! Mum planned on running me only one run, but I begged her for more. So we ran a second run, and I begged for more again. So we got out there a third time and I was just as good as the first run.

With only one SQ to go for my ADCH, it was really sad to have to retire. But we're gonna give it one (and hopefully more) more go mid November at a trial not too far from here. We'll see how I run, we'll see how I feel....I've come back so many times over my agility career Mum has started calling me the 'Comeback Kid.'

Who knows, maybe this comeback kid can still pull it out. But no matter if I have one more run, or 50, Mum and I continue to enjoy each and every run we get to do at a practice or a trial. It's in our blood!

So here are a couple of my practice runs. Not super speedy like when I was lots younger, but definitely capable of getting a SQ we think!

And Gracie got in some fun practice too. You may remember that her teeter fear started at this facility with the big bang in the echoie room. Over time, she's getting more and more OK with getting on the teeter. We missed getting a vid of her first run which was BC fast, but she looked pretty good in her 2nd and 3rd runs too.

During practice we got to video tape our pal Rocco. Rocco is a Havanese, and only 13 months old. And he's doing great! We had a lot of barking fun watching him run. It's going to be really fun if we get to keep doing agility come spring and spend some fun time at trials with him.

After our practice we took off to get Mum and Rocco's Mom something to eat. Then we ventured off to a park with walking trails to take a nice walk around on flat land. After hiking all the mountains, we love the time we get to walk on flat land, BOL!

We spent the entire day together and had the most fun. What a great break from our time up on the mountain, and for Mum to get a break from her busy, busy work!

Photos please? You got 'em!

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  1. We loved both of the videos! You look awesome, Johann, and we are so happy for you! We need to look into this supplement!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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