Monday, November 11, 2013

Gracie loves getting dried off now after playing with the water hose!

My sis, she is so goofy! That's what we love about her.

Until it turned cooler here on our mountain, Mum planted some grass seed so hopefully we'd have a more comfy place to practice agility come next spring in our yard, and we wouldn't have so much erosion of our yard next year.

You can see some of the grass under Gracie in the photo. The grass has done well!

Before it got colder, Mum had to water the grass every day to get it started on a good paw. Watering the grass? It's Gracie dream, as she absolutely loves playing with the water, jumping, running around, arroooooing as she goes.

After her water play session, she's got to get dried off before she can go back in the house.

Before Mum got her act together, Gracie didn't like to get dried off. So Mum worked to help her enjoy it. I think treats were involved, and maybe a clicker. Look at her now! She loves her dry off towel and she even knows the word 'twist' when she's supposed to shake off all the water.

What a good girly!

I love my dry off towel! ~Gracie

See! I don't get all weirded out when Mum puts the towel on me now! ~Gracie


  1. And you look super cute too!!

  2. Tee-heee, how cute! I love getting toweled's the only thing I enjoy about a bath. BOL

  3. Getting dried off is the best part - at least we think so!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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