Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gracie tries out #NaturalStride to keep her agility dog joints moving great!

Being agility dogs, Gracie and I have been taking supplements pretty much all of our lives. Why? Because we want to have a long, wonderful and feel good career in agility as long as we can.

I've been taking supplements (specifically joint related supplements) since I was just two years old, not long after I started competing. Gracie however, as she doesn't compete as much as I do and hasn't had as many muscle related problems as I have, started taking supplements a little later in life.

When the nice folks at Natural Solutions for Life asked if we wanted to try out their new supplements, we jumped (get it, jumped like in agility? ha!) at the chance for Gracie to try them, as we had been evaluating what she was taking and considering a change now that she's getting older; she's eight years young now.

We received the packet of Maximum Strength Natural Stride Joint Supplement for Dogs about 3-4 weeks ago and Gracie has been taking one scoop per day throughout that time, as many of you know it takes a while for you to see results with supplements such as this.

While Gracie has been playing around in the yard, and zooming, practicing some agility and wrestling with me, we didn't see any significant change in her well being. But after last weekend's agility trial (more on that later) we can tell she is feeling really, really good!

If you know Gracie from over the years, she's had a little trouble with focus on the agility course. When she feels super good (or when she gets stressed out), she gets a little crazy out there, especially in competition.

So when Mum put her in a stay at the start line on Sunday for her gamblers run, led out a little bit and planned a front cross after the first jump; Gracie was already off doing her own thing on the course, silly girl! She felt so good that she actually jumped the orange fence blocking off the starters ring, and then jumped right over the orange fence that blocks off the masters ring and went to play agility with Garth (the BC) that she's had a little play time with at agility practice on occasion.

What a silly girl!!! People couldn't believe that she jumped two 30" or so fences, but Mum wasn't surprised as she used to do that years ago when she was young and feeling good. The good thing is that we didn't mess up Garth's run and they got to start over. And Gracie completely and utterly redeemed herself during her standard run later that morning, doing every obstacle in the standard course, didn't run off at all, and even did her teeter! Mum was super proud of her as she has been afraid of the teeter for about two years now. This was so huge for Gracie!!

Was it the Natural Solutions for Life? Maybe!

We wanted to try their product because when we looked at the ingredients listing they have on their website, we were pretty impressed. It contains all natural forms of cetyl myristoleate, glucosamine hcl, glucosamine sulfate, msm, omega 3 from fish oil, vitamin c from ascorbic acid, yucca and hyaluronic acid; all the things that agility and aging dogs need to help with joint paint and/or prevent joint problems. And Gracie loves the taste as Mum adds it to her kibble or gives it to her with a little water after her raw feeds.

If you are looking for a joint supplement for your dog (or horse or human) you may want to check out Natural Solutions for Life. The neat thing is Natural Solutions for Life guarantees their product for 60 days, so if you try and you're not satisfied you can return it for a full refund. Cool huh? Remember it's always good to consult your veterinarian before taking any new supplement.

**UPDATE (11/19) The company is offering all of my readers a discount if you would like try their product. Visit their website and use this coupon code: JOHANN20. This code is good for 20% off any order of dog, equine, or human product through 3/31/14.**

"This post is sponsored by Natural Solutions for Life on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Natural Solutions for Life's Natural Stride Supplement, but Johann The Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Diamond Naturals is not responsible for the content of this article."


  1. Thanks, Gracie! We are going to be checking out this website!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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