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Great rewards and super fun and yummy holiday gifts from #SitStay!

If you're a reader of my blog, you know I've been around the interwebs for over nine years, blogging away. Way back then it wasn't as easy to find super yummy and healthy treats (or fun toys for that matter) on the Internet.

One of the very first stores Mum frequented online was Sit Stay. We had heard about them from agility friends of ours way back in 2005. And after a trial we ran right home to check it out. It's been one of our favorite online stores ever since.

So when we were asked to review the Sit Stay Holiday Gift Guide and select one of the gift sets for review, we jumped at the chance! Oh yeah!!!

Sit Stay has been online selling great, positive, healthy items since 1996, way before I was a gleam in the eye. They have always thought about dogs a lot like we do - positively (with positive training), the center of the family, and everything is good dog approved. It wasn't easy for us to choose a gift as they have tons of great ones - 10  for just under $10 and 20 for just under $20. But we made our choice and within days our box showed up!

I couldn't wait to dig in...

Noms and fun!
Look what we found! A cool fish toy and some pawsome healthy treats, all in a super cool reusable (you know how much we love that) draw string cotton bag that we can take on hikes to agility practice and more.

So we immediately headed out to do some agility. Mum was working with me on some jumps to weaves with as much distance as we can do in our little yard. We worked for a while, I got the fish for a reward and some of those pawsome treats, too! 

 Then she got out the new fish toy, squeaked it, set me up at the first of two jumps, and when I got to the third jump (in the photo on the left, below) Mum was still behind near the 3rd pole of the weaves and I was moving! I jumped the jump, and Mum said 'weave!' and guess what, I made that nasty, nasty weave entrance while Mum was still standing at the third pole at the other end. I still got it!

My drawing we did on our cell phone, since Mum was too busy with her mouth open to take a photo!
Dog! Did I get a super big jackpot for that!

Then Mum took Gracie out and worked her a little. Gracie has amazing weaves and she hit some difficult entrances too, although not as difficult as mine, but she's getting there! And Gracie worked on some 'backside jump' skills which she's getting pretty good at. 

After Gracie's little agility session, Mum decided to work with Gracie on her fetch. She's not very good at fetch, but Mum kept working with her and when she would bring the fish a few inches toward Mum she got a click and one of those pawsome treats from the Holiday Gift Guide Pack. Then....look what she did! She brought it all the way back to Mum and look how happy she is!!! What a good girl.

Gracie coming for her reward!

We had a lot of fun playing with the new toy, agility and getting some of the pawsome new treats to try. When you get a chance take a look at Sit Stay's Holiday Gift Guide as there is still time to order for the holidays for your pup! Be sure and check out the under $10 gift bags and the under $20 gift bags, there is something for everypup!

But the best part? Sit Stay is sharing a 15% off discount for our readers, good for anything you purchase in their Holiday Gift Guide! Simply enter code "ENJOY15" at checkout, and enjoy!

"I have written this post on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network for StiStay. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about SitStay , but you know that Johann The Dog
only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers."

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  1. What a great treat! And what talent at agility :) Mort hopes one day dogmom will take him to agility too, not just flyball and disc dog practice :) A fish from SitStay might help!



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