Thursday, May 01, 2014

Review of Only Natural Pet's #PawNatural products: EasyDefense Flea/Tick Tag and Tripe Nibblets!

We've been talking about how we live green and healthy recently. And as part of that we are fortunate enough to try out some new products that we've been wanting to experience for a while thanks to Only Natural Pet offered through Pet360.

A couple of weeks ago we received some products to try. The first one is the Only Natural Pet Beef Tripe Nibblets Pet Treats.

If you've never tried tripe, I highly recommend it! Not only is it super good for you, but it tastes and smells amazing!

Made from 100% pure freeze-dried beef tripe, the treats have no grains, no fillers, and no preservatives; only the protein packed, tripe we love. They come in smaller nibblets that can be broken up and make great training jackpots! And they say they make great food toppers, but we're using them for trick and training rewards. Mum promised more at our agility trial this coming weekend!

The other product we're trying out is the Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea and Tick Tag. (You can see it on me in the photo on the right below). We've been wanting to try these tags for a long time as they are one of the most natural and pesticide (even essential oil) free potential way to repel fleas and ticks.

How do they work? They say that these tags use your pet's own bio-energetic field to repel pests and they last up to one full year. The directions say that when opened and placed on your pet, it uses your pet's own inherent energy to send out frequencies that repel pests. The process operates with quantum mechanic's refined frequencies, and is somewhat similar to the basic principles of homeopathy. Sounds like a solution a 'little off the beaten path,' but if you know us we enjoy the road less traveled.

So how did they work? Interestingly, (and pleasantly so) we think they are making a difference!

Mum added the tag to a very small collar (one of the kitties old collars) because I don't like wearing my standard super strong collar all day. I've been wearing it for about two weeks now. And Gracie has been wearing her collar and tag as well.

So far Mum has found three ticks come off me, two after playing in our yard and one after a hike we took last weekend in a different part of Georgia. Here we have the ticks that potentially transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and the other tick we found from our hike last weekend is the kind that potentially transmits Lyme Disease if those ticks are infected.

All three times the ticks didn't show any interest in me, but left me and sought out Mum. Which she doesn't really mind, because over the years she can instantly known when a tick is on her and grab it before it bites. Then she puts it in white vinegar to die and be preserved for future reference.

So what about Gracie? Well, Mum hasn't seen a tick come off her or one on her all this year, which is really great!

When we cuddle for a time with Mum, or go to sleep, Mum takes the collars off of us and lays them beside us as you need to keep the collar/tag near your dog pretty much constantly. Mum does take them off when we play agility in the yard, when competing, or when we have our zoomie/wrestle time.

Another interesting thing is that I've been trying to bury the collar and tag when it's not on me. Normally I don't bother burying things unless it's a bone in the couch on occasion. Gracie on the other hand is quite the little undertaker, as she'll bury her poo often with her nose. (That's how she got a scraped nose when she was on the Doxy a couple of years ago).

Mum is very interested in my behavior of wanting to bury the collar/tag when it's not on me. I try to bury it in bed in the middle of the night when Mum puts it near me, and I try to bury it in the couch during evening cuddle time. A quick Google search turned up some interesting facts about dogs burying with their nose. Patricia McConnell says in a post from last fall that Carolina Dogs bury their poo and that one of her BC's occasionally would bury some food by ripping up grass, placing it over the uneaten food and tamping it down with her nose. Mum doesn't know yet why I'm burying it, but it could be because it gives off a certain odor, or because I cherish it. She's gonna keep watch and try to figure it out. But it's really interesting and quite fascinating for her.

Big thanks to Only Natural Pet and Pet360 for allowing us to try some new pawsome stuff!

"This post is sponsored by Only Natural Pet on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet, but you know that Johann The Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Only Natural Pet is not responsible for the content of this article."

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  1. my doggies tried the beef nibblets too and love them! so random about the burying of the collars ha. my dogs haven't really tried to bury anything yet.


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