Wednesday, October 08, 2014

More agility practice!

Last Saturday, we got to go to Norcross to agility practice in one of our favorite places.

One of the big things we like to do here is help Gracie with her teeter, as this is where she picked up the fear a few years ago. And they have some baby agility equipment in a back room and Mum thought it would be really fun for Rach. In addition, this is one of my favorite places to run, so Mum knew I'd have a great time and get some awesome exercise.

I started first as I'm now running 12" and the running order was small to tall.

Mum liked this little course, it has some good challenges, a little rear cross, some wide opening running, some gamble/layering ops, and tunnels galore.

So she ran's the vid. Not perfect, we made a few errors, but truth be told, I didn't even know it until I ran my second run without mistakes.

It's difficult to see but after the aframe there is a table, then you can see the tunnel on the right, but there are two jumps behind the tunnel that Mum wanted me to take. She layered and sent me to the jumps and I took them like a pro.

That made for a little off approach to the dogwalk, but Mum made sure I was on track so I wouldn't fall off again.

So then it was Gracie's turn and she ran very well, did everything Mum asked, but the little two jump/layered tunnel was a little much for her, she got the first jump, but missed the second one. But she made all her contacts, loved the tunnels, and even did the teeter fairly well on the first try with a tiny bit of coaxing.

On her second run, they did a few obstacles, heading over toward the teeter and tunnels, and then did the teeter, tunnel, jump, teeter, tunnel, jump several times, and by the time Gracie did the last teeter she did it almost on her own. She got lots of treats for that!

In between runs, Mum let Rach visit with the other handlers, he got some awesome treats for doing tricks for them (sit, down, wave, ashamed (that's his new one)) and they all had a blast.

Rach is a little shy and unsure about new people. He likes them, but he just likes Mum more. So Mum gave him permission to go play with the other folks and after he got the green light, he was happy to play with them, for a little bit; then he was back to Mum for more fun.

Also in between runs and after our runs, Mum took Rach in the back room where they have that baby agility equipment, a small low dogwalk and a short low frame, and a shortened tunnel. So they had some fun letting Rach understand these obstacles a little bit.

They have been working on his 2o2o with a contact board at the cabin, and it's great at home, so it was fun to see what he did when he saw the baby obstacles for the first time. Wouldn't you know the smarty went nearly right into his 2o2o. What a good boy!

You can see some of their practice below in the vid. This is Rach's first time really seeing and going over a dog walk on his own. He couldn't wait to get his paws on it.

It was a long day....leaving at 9 AM and getting home at 5 PM. But fun nonetheless!


  1. You really make agility look like so much fun! Great job, Gracie and Rach!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly


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